Get That Street Style: 4 Outfits Inspired by the Cities of Fashion Week

Let’s be honest: we don’t all have the spare time and cash to globe-hop this fall’s fashion weeks. But that doesn’t mean we’re not obsessively watching the world’s style capitals for all the latest fashion trends. New York, London, Milan, Paris: each fashion week locale offers some serious outfit inspo. So while we were drooling over the spring 2018 trends currently flooding the interwebs, we threw together a few fall 2017 outfits for women who need their street style fix right now.


Every year, the fashion week lineup starts in New York, the no-nonsense city that never sleeps. So a great day-to-night look is absolutely NYC inspired. A badass leather jacket paired with lace-up denim lets people know you’re not messing around. Complete the look with on-trend minimalist heels to elevate your entire outfit, literally and figuratively.


London fashion week brings out Britain’s poshest socialites, so there we imagine ourselves all dressed up in lace while sipping some fabulous tea. This fit-and-flare dress paired with structured accessories captures the refined, orderly spirit of London without looking overly prim and proper. Keep chic and carry on.


The original fashion capital, Milan is where you need to shake things up a bit and make a statement. Embrace what’s trending in fashion with full-body denim and an embroidered crossbody, then balance it out with some sleek, timeless accessories. You’ll look totally bella and totally of the moment.


Paris is where you can get really girly and romantic, but an abstract camo print keeps this look current and not as sugary as a macaron. Crystal statement earrings give it a little City-of-Lights glam so you can pretend you’re at a fashion show after-party popping champagne as “La Vie en Rose” plays in the background.