Hot Giveaway: The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project + BEBE SPORT

Who says a girl can’t have fun and stay fit too? In The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project, registered dietitian and nutritionist Esther Blum shows us how to make it happen!

From choosing cocktails to shopping organic, this book is packed with the kind of advice we need to stay bodycon ready while indulging (at least a little!) on the summer party circuit. We asked Esther to answer a few fitness questions we’ve had on our minds and to tell us about her personal style…read on for her exclusive interview AND a chance to win a copy of her book along with two BEBE SPORT items!

What tricks or tips do you follow to stay looking fab?

STYLUST: Why did you decide to write The Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous Project?
ESTHER: My clients would always tell me I needed to write down the hilarious things we talked about in our sessions. Then my colleagues began pestering me too. After 9/11 I was really struggling with my private practice and lost the lease on my office, so I went on a forced hiatus for six months—and that’s when Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous was born. One of my late mentors, Robert Crayhon, helped me develop the outline for the book, and three books later, the rest is history.

STYLUST: What are some of your favorite summer calorie-burning activities?
ESTHER: I always say that the fountain of youth can be found in a pair of dumbbells. And although I love to exercise outdoors during the summer months, the gym does have its perks. So think about a quick and dirty workout three to four times per week: 30 minutes of heavy weights coupled with 20 minutes of high intensity interval sprints. This type of workout helps you build muscle and burn fat all day long without cooking your adrenal glands. Instead of feeling wired and tired, you’ll feel energized and fabulous. For your outdoor fix, volleyball on the beach will build your endurance and blast body fat. Running on the beach is another great way to build lean, sexy legs and tone up your booty, but my all-time favorite summer workout is rollerblading around Central Park.

STYLUST: Any tips on eating healthier at summer events like weddings and barbecues?
ESTHER: For barbecues, I like to find out what the hostess is serving and bring something healthy I know I’ll want to eat. Shrimp cocktail is a great appetizer because it requires no cooking, is low in calories and is a rich protein source. Always eat your protein first; it’s the only nutrient that shuts off the hunger mechanism in the brain. For weddings, it’s a good idea to create parameters and set your intent before you go. For instance, I typically adhere to a gluten-free diet, so I know I’ll be eating a lot of whole foods wherever I go. I’ll stick to simple passed appetizers like lamb chops, chicken satay or crudites. For the main course I’ll have protein and vegetables and skip the bread, and for dessert a piece of chocolate.  My favorite indulgence is booze—I love myself some red wine or an extra-chilled martini!

STYLUST: Any tips on shopping for organic foods?
ESTHER: It’s definitely getting easier to find organic foods in supermarkets, but get to your local farmers market when you can for the freshest produce. You can also join a CSA for the summer or sign up for a delivery program like Urban Organics. The really cool part of a CSA is that you’ll get exposure to vegetables you might not buy yourself or find available in a regular supermarket. It keeps things interesting when you have to figure out how to cook new foods.

STYLUST: What do you like to wear when you work out?
ESTHER: I’m currently sporting a sumptuous pair of tatas, so a supportive sports bra is imperative! Once the girls are in place, I toss on a stretchy tank top and some yoga pants. I like to lift heavy weights, so wearing clothes that fit like a second skin keeps me more focused on workouts and less focused on what I’m wearing.

STYLUST: How would you describe your personal style?
ESTHER: I like to keep things simple. Years ago my friend David Zyla styled me and gave me a color palette to work with. So now when I shop, I shop by color, which totally takes the guesswork out of figuring out what colors look best on me. He labeled me as a winter ballerina; I can throw on a dress and heels, and I’m good to go! I tend to create one focal point within an outfit and keep the rest minimal.

STYLUST: Do you have any fashion advice for feeling and looking gorgeous?  
ESTHER: Feeling gorgeous is a state of mind, not a state of behind! We all have days where we struggle with our bodies and self-image, so it’s important to have one or two items in your wardrobe that you can always feel good in, no matter how you feel about your body that day. A stretchy maxi dress and strappy sandals can make you feel comfortable and sexy. There’s no need to torture yourself over your body—just get dressed and move on with your day!

Want a chance to win a copy of The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project plus a BEBE SPORT outfit? Leave a comment on this blog post answering the trivia question below no later than 11:59 pm (Pacific) tonight (6/21), and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for the book and a BEBE SPORT top and bottom! You can also buy The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project here.

TRIVIA QUESTION>> How many items are currently available in the BEBE SPORT section of

Be sure to check this blog post after noon on Friday (6/22) to find out who won the giveaway!

Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway, Kim Cole! Kim, please email us at with your mailing address to claim your prize ;) xo

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