Blogger du Jour: Haute & Rebellious

Our latest blogger crush is the beautiful and über-talented Maria De La Cruz of Haute & Rebellious! A FIDM grad with personal style that’s bold, unforgettable and still totally relatable, Maria rules at mixing colors—especially our fave head-turning brights—and rocks maxis and hi-lo skirts to perfection. Plus, this fashion maven is amazing at accessorizing and has one of the chicest shoe collections we’ve ever seen.

Best of all, Maria’s fabulous personality really shines through in her outfits. So we were super excited when she agreed to answer a few of our pressing questions about her blog, her inspiration and her standout look. Read on for the deets!

Photo credits: Chris Kapranos

STYLUST: Describe your style in five words.

MARIA: Distinctive, feminine, exciting, rebellious, sophisticated

STYLUST: Who and/or what inspires your style?

MARIA: My emotions are the biggest factor that influences my style. Generally when I am happy and in a good state of mind, my creative juices flow better.

I named my blog Haute & Rebellious because I am a combination of the two. I love everything that is glamorous and sophisticated like the word haute. I also like to be different and do things that make me stand out like the word rebellious. I love mixing street style with looks from the runway. I fuse the two and come up with my own style.

I love people watching because you can learn and get so many ideas just by looking at others. Culture, I believe, influences everybody. I love learning and taking the things I like from other cultures and incorporating them into my life. I love to dress up, and I am not scared to try new things as long as I feel it looks good on me.

The weather also inspires and challenges me. I grew up in Panama in Central America, where there are only two seasons, summer and winter, and during the winter it rains a lot. When I first moved to California, I had to adapt to wearing more layers, which took a while to get down.

STYLUST: What are some of your go-to pieces when transitioning from cool to warm weather?

MARIA: Now that I have the layering down, cardigans, blazers and tights are my favorite items at the moment to transition from cool to warm. They don’t really interfere with what you want to wear—adding or subtracting these pieces from your outfit is easy.

STYLUST: Do you have a pair of shoes you’re obsessed with right now?

MARIA: A pair of shoes…that’s a really tough question for me because, when I cannot decide which one I like more, I buy them both. Shoes are my weakness, and I have too many shoes that I love, so it is hard for me to pick just one pair. I actually have so many shoes I don’t know what to do with them. Eventually I am going to need a room just for shoes! My boyfriend had to build me a custom shoe rack that holds over 100 pairs of shoes, and I still don’t have nearly enough room for all of my shoes.

But if I can tell you what type of shoe I like, at the moment, I would have to say boots and booties. This type of shoe is so comfy, and I always feel so comfortable in them. I also love 5 1/2” heels or taller, even if it means I have to suffer. And colored heels are my new obsession; there is something about color that I can’t get enough of.

Photo credits: Chris Kapranos

STYLUST: What’s on your music playlist right now?

MARIA: House music! In love! Kaskade and Avicii are two of my favorite DJs to listen to, especially when I am working.

STYLUST: If you could live in any other decade, what would it be?

MARIA: I love dresses and I love when women used to be more glamorous and feminine. I would have loved to live in the 1750s to 1770. During these years the French style was defined by court dresses, with a lot of color and very rich in embellishments. The hair was also very elaborate. Marie Antoinette was an icon of this time and also a rebel and a trendsetter that inspired and revolutionized fashion. 

I also love the 1920s all the way to the 1940s. I would have loved to be part of the old Hollywood glamour. I loved how women back then were so glamorous and elegant. I live in the new Hollywood, and I sometimes wish we could go to a party just wearing long, beautiful, draped dresses, kind of like the Oscars all the time. I love maxis and long dresses for that reason. They make you feel glamorous.

STYLUST: What’s your favorite bebe piece in your wardrobe and why?

MARIA: My favorite piece from bebe that I own is a bubble gum pink dress that has a corset top with a short A-line skirt. But it is not just your regular skirt; it has a folding drapery that is very unique. I bought this dress for a birthday party three years ago, and it is still in my closet waiting for another occasion.

~ by bebe on April 10, 2012.

One Response to “Blogger du Jour: Haute & Rebellious

  1. I love your use of color! and that lace dress is EXACTLY what i have always been looking for

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