Styling Tips: Jolyn Puts Together 5 Sequin Party Looks

This holiday season we’re hot for sequins! To help us style these super festive embellishments, we enlisted the help of tri-state district manager, Jolyn. She put together 5 highly-versatile and remarkably-glam outfit ideas.

How are you wearing your sequins?


WHY SHE LOVES IT>> “Can you say New Years Eve? You know you’ve found a perfect outfit when it glows. Pairing sequin and faux fur, like this rose dress and cropped jacket (which by the way could easily be dressed down with denim and leggings) is my version of bebe heaven.”

GET THE LOOK>> Hot Sparkle Dress (183061, $149), Rabbit Faux Fur Coat (186937, $159), Nadia Metallic Trim Velvet Sandal (184522, $139), Lola Patent Paillette Clutch (187321, $59) 


WHY SHE LOVES IT>>”This look screams sexy sequin sophistication. The key is to keep accessories simple. You don’t them to overpower your outfit or visually overwhelm your audience, even though your inner princess keeps telling you, ‘More! More! More!’. I paired this look with a basic but still uber sexy pair of heels, called it a day, and told my inner princess to take a chill pill.”

GET THE LOOK>> Sheer Top Sequin Dress (186232, $169), Sequin Wool Coat (186453, $229), Rielle Satin Platform Pump (178123, $129)


WHY SHE LOVES IT>> “If you were looking for a mathematical equation to put into terms the effect this dress will have on your fellow passerby here it is:

Silver Sequins + Mixed Metals + Sparkly Heels – the fabric in the back of this dress (because although you can’t tell in this photo it’s backless) = Traffic Stopper

It’s important for there to be a balanced harmony when mixing metals. For example: A gunmetal belt with a gunmetal necklace, silver sparkly heels with a silver sparkly clutch, Ernie with Bert, etc… (you get my drift). If you have a “third wheel” when it comes to the pairing of accessory “pals” you may need to reconsider the direction you’re going and ask one “person” to “leave” the party.”

GET THE LOOK>> Bobby Sequin Skirt Deep V Dress (189251, $159), Zahara Glitter Platform Sandal (187399, $149), Glitter Rhinestone Minaudiere (185835, $59) 


WHY SHE LOVES IT>> “Don’t knock it till you try it! It never hurts to step out side of the box… especially if that box is full of sequins. It’s perfectly okay to use your accessories as inspiration behind your look. This sequin and fur trapper hat compliments the top and coat. Pair it with some metallic denim and you’ve got a look in perfect sequin sequence.”

GET THE LOOK>> Sequin Trapper Hat (185886, $39), Give Me Glitz Sequin Top (188159, $98), Gunmetal Icon Skinny Jean (186705, $98), Faux Fur Collar Leatherette Jacket (186701, $129), Nikki Suede Exotic Sandal (185822, $129) 


WHY SHE LOVES IT>> “My favorite thing about accessories is that they can quickly and easily take an outfit from “blah” to “brilliant”- which is why (drum roll, please)… it is absolutely imperative to throw a few in your purse for emergencies. Take this infinity sequin scarf for example… Going to an impromptu cocktail with a girlfriend? Scarf on! Going to a movie with your brother? Scarf off.”

GET THE LOOK>> Mia Woven Cuff Leather Bootie (184485, $198), Paillette Infinity Scarf (186833, $39)

Model: Danielle.

~ by bebe on December 13, 2011.

11 Responses to “Styling Tips: Jolyn Puts Together 5 Sequin Party Looks”

  1. I absolutely love!!! All the looks are amazing and I love how you explained different ways to wear them. Love love sequins!!

  2. I love how she shows how amazing sequins can look! Sometimes sequins can look tacky but she showed how classy they can make an outfit look! There is so much going on in the holidays and all of these outfits would be perfect for all the occasions! Thanks Jolyn!!

  3. Thanks Jolyn for all the wonderful info. This is very helpful as I often question certain outfits an how to pair with sequins! I usually end up opting out of adding some since Im not confident in the overall look. Your info along with the pictures definitely help me out. You have a great eye for what looks good and what’s in style.

  4. Found this to be a very helpful guide to find the right holiday gift. Thanks for the tips and product info. She is going to be very happy!

  5. The ‘Traffic Stopper’ is one look I will be sure to try this season!!! Your sense of style and pairing is Tres Fab!

  6. OMG! Jolyn you are a lifesaver. I love all the sequins. I love all the great ideas. Sequins made simple.

  7. When are you going to style me?!?!?

  8. All theses looks have the sex but sophisticated style to them, Love it!! I love how your making a statement but not going overboard. I’ll defiantly be stopping in to my local Bebe store so I can try one of theses looks. Thanks Jolyn!

  9. I love the versitility of outfits you have put together here. You really have a great eye in pairing things together for a variety of occasions. In my mind I always think sequins = new years eve party, and never really thought much about how I can pair sequins with different things. LOVED your accessories tip of always keeping some in your purse, that is such a great idea! You never know when one might come in handy. Great advice!

  10. Absolutely in love with the Bobby Sequin Skirt Deep V Dress! I bought it for new years and its absolutely stunning….everyone wanted to know where i got it and I proudly said bebe…you jolyn are awesome :)

  11. What size did you get in the Bobbie silver sequin dress?

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